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The Rhinestones are a complete package of professional and reliable musicians based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and our goal is to bring your music to life. Available for gigs, rehearsals, and recording sessions, The Rhinestones can recreate existing songs you have previously recorded, or help you come up with entirely new arrangements.

Recording your instrument in the studio requires an entirely different skill set than playing live. For lack of a better description, studio recording is more like music surgery than a musical performance. While you might be comfortable playing guitar in your living room or even on a stage in front of hundreds of people, it’s an entirely different ballgame to sit in a four by six-foot booth wearing headphones and listening to a clicking sound. Giving a note-perfect, dynamic and in-time performance in this kind of unnatural setting requires a special set of skills.

Given that we all have to keep an eye on the bottom line when it comes to our recording budget, there is the temptation to save money by playing on the demo yourself. The problem with this method is that often it will take an inexperienced musician twice as long to get a viable take as it would a pro. One of the many advantages of using The Rhinestones is that they are not only good at what they do but fast. In other words, the price you pay to hire The Rhinestones translates into savings on studio time compared to playing the part yourself. Being fast in the studio is useful for another reason as well. When a session bogs down with take after take, it starts to feel a lot more like work. When things go quickly and smoothly, they stay musical and fun. Don’t discount the need for a session to stay enjoyable.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to work with session musicians, but remember, The Rhinestones are working for you! When you hire The Rhinestones, not only will they be great at what they do but they will be a pleasure to work with as well. If you’ve never used professional musicians on your recordings, or at your live shows, do yourself a favor and try it out...You never know... You might just like it.
Why would I hire The Rhinestones?
Classified ads, auditions, and phone calls can be tiring and frustrating. Spend less time scheduling & maintaining band members and more time focusing on your Music. The members of The Rhinestones are dependable, have a variety of high quality gear, reliable transportation, excellent chemistry, and most importantly, extensive experience on the stage and in the studio with many regional and local artists.
What are the advantages of using The Rhinestones?
One of the single most important elements in a great-sounding, professional recording is the performance of the session musicians. There is a reason that the job of the session musician exists. It’s these musicians whose talent and studio experience contribute in a major way to the polished sound of a recording. Because there are different rules that apply when you’re recording an artist demo. There is no shame in having someone else play on your demo. Remember that a demo is supposed to put your song in the best possible light in order to “sell” it to prospective artists or place it in films and TV shows. It is not supposed to be proof of your studio musicianship.
Who are The Rhinestones?
Tim Plunkett

Tim Plunkett has been on the music scene for over a decade and a half. He has built a reputation as a great studio/live musician, as well as a Producer. With his stylish musicianship and dynamic personality, he can capture the attention of any audience, on stage or in the studio, enchant them, and lift their spirits and consciousness at the same time. Though he is a multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer he is most noted for his diverse and inspiring percussive and production abilities.

Andrew Funke

Andrew has been playing bass for roughly 15 years, the past ten of them professionally. Whether working as an integral member of a band or as a backing/session musician, he's played genres ranging from indie rock, to blues, to country, and just about all points inbetween. Andrew has worked extensively in the Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana, areas, but his work has also taken him to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Sweden.

Joseph Hodson
(Guitar/Vocals/Mandolin/Keys/Pedal Steel)

Joe has been playing the guitar for 16 years. While his early influences were rooted in the blues, he has since studied contemporary hard rock, jazz, classical, folk and country guitar while becoming proficient in all of these styles. He has also been in numerous bands playing a wide variety of music under a wide variety of circumstances, from acoustic coffee house shows to festivals in front of thousands of people. "I believe that a lead guitarist is not in a band just to play guitar solos, but to provide texture, dynamics, counter melodies, and richness to the song" - Joe Hodson
How do I hire The Rhinestones?
The Rhinestones pricing is based on current standard Professional Musician Pricing in the area and is based off of the national average.

All pricing info is subject to change at any time.

Since every project is different, please contact us for a quote for your next project.

Whether you need all three, or just one of ss, The Rhinestones are always ready!

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Last updated: October 18, 2013
"We Bring Your Music To Life"
The Rhinestones Update!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is the moment you have all been waiting for... That's right... The Rhinestones are entering the studio soon to start production on the first ever "Rhinestones Album"! The album will feature songs written, played and sang by only The Rhinestones.

Here are some recent pictures.
FREE DOWNLOADS of Rhinestones Music:
Below are some samples of music that The Rhinestones have played on over the years. Enjoy!

"Howlin' Mad"                                                     "Don't Blame Your Baby (On Me)"                      "In The Moment"
Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones              Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones              Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones
Download "Howlin Mad"                                         Download "Dont' Blame Your Baby"                        Download "In The Moment"    

"Golden Rush"                                                     "Shook me Down"                                             "Bound to Disarray"
Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones              Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones              Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones
Download "Golden Rush"                                      Download "Shook Me Down"                                  Download "Bound To Disarray"  

"Rollin' in my Sweet baby's Arms                       "Willin"                                                              "For Some Reason"
Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones              Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones              Cootie B. Crabtree Feat. The Rhinestones
Download "Rollin' in my Sweet baby's Arms"           Download "Willin'"                                                 Download "For Some Reason"    

Rhinestones Videos:
"For Some Reason" - Circa 2009 - Courtesy of Keith Ping.